In early 2012, Nubikk’s founder and creative director had the idea to design a shoe collection where comfort, fashion, and distinction are key. Nubikk was born: a shoe brand that believes fashion should go hand in hand with comfort. The background of several generations of shoemaking within the company was the ground for a versatile collection of styles.

Nubikk quickly realized their customers require the same lush feeling as experienced when wearing sportswear. This resulted in lightweight soles being introduced throughout the entire collection. Additionally, the same level of cushioned insoles is now also used in Nubikk’s formal wear for women and men. The sneakers are made of the best Italian leathers, have lightweight soles and are handmade in Portugal.

A shoe brand at first but with all this experience in leather craftsmanship and producing qualitative products, it was a small step to a collection of small leather handbags, accessories, and clothing.